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MINING-INDUSTRIAL | Mountain Structures


Mountain Structures Company has extensive experience in Industrial Mining Services. We work at local mines with mine engineers to perform services for their mining operations. We build new facilities, and maintain or improve their existing facilities or equipment. Our experience extends past the mines to dam work and water diversion structures.

With 17 years of experience Mountain Structures Company is the first place to call for excavation, concrete, piping, steel fabrication and erection, weld repair, process piping installation, and equipment change-outs. Difficult rigging and chain fall or come-a-long work is our favorite. All of our employees have 24 hour MSHA training and we appreciate working for a client that insists on working safely. We have taken their safety culture to heart and take it home with us.

Our work includes concrete projects. We can demolish and replace existing slabs, pour foundations, build frost walls, and pour concrete sidewalks, roadways, and aprons. We placed a concrete structure to improve water management during high runoff in a stream and placed rip rap in the stream bed.

We change out equipment that is old and replace it with new. We have the ability to replace pumps, conveyors, doors, and facilitate other equipment change-outs, often over a very short period of time, during “shut downs” so that our work doesn’t interfere with the flow of operations.

We do structural steel erection. We build steel structures from the ground up. We also build towers, platforms, and conveyor towers.

We do structural steel weld repair. We have often worked to replace old steel in existing structures that had worn out and needed to be replaced. Our team does demolition (if needed), and fabrication and installation on these projects. 

Weld repair of heavy equipment buckets and truck beds is another service we provide for the local mines. 

In mills we work on process piping, tanks, and other equipment to repair or replace items that have worn out. This could include building platforms to provide access to equipment and handrails or guards to protect workers from falls or hazards.

Please contact us today if our team of experts can help you on a large or small mining or industrial project.